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Hawg Heaven Guide Service

Hawg Heaven Guide Service

Miami Fishing, Biscayne Bay Fishing

Biscayne Bay fishing

Miami fishing offers some type of saltwater fishing for every angler. From fishing in Biscayne Bay to fishing farther offshore for some excellent big game billfish. Our Florida saltwater fishing guides specialize in Biscayne Bay fishing, mainly flats fishing to be more precise and our clients always have a chance to catch tarpon, large snook, sea trout, and a long list of other great saltwater species that call Biscayne Bay and the inshore waters around Miami home.

Species Available When Fishing in Biscayne Bay

  • Tarpon
  • Snook
  • Jacks
  • Redfish
  • Barracuda
  • Sea Trout

Biscayne Bay fishing is what experienced anglers may call inshore fishing or flats fishing which means you are fishing in regions of Biscayne Bay that has very shallow water where most boats can't even venture. The water you fish in can be as shallow as 12" and fortunately Captain Lee and our other guides have boats that have a shallow draft which allows them to get into the shallowest of the shallows or flats which is where the big boys hide. Biscayne Bay flats fishing is extraordinarily fun and most anglers will use very light tackle such as spinning rods and baitcasters to catch some very large fish. Included in light tackle fishing would be flyfishing where usually more experienced anglers use a flyrod to trick there fish into take the bait or the "fly".

In Biscayne Bay and in the Miami fishing region you are also close to the "offshore" waters. Because Miami is so close to the Gulf Stream and the continental shelf anglers need only move offshore a few short miles to catch dolphin which is exactly what Captain Lee will fish for assuming the weather conditions are favorable for this.

Biscayne Bay Flats Fishing Guides

Biscayne Bay flats fishing means you have a chance at hooking up to any one of a nice variety of popular species. Our Biscayne Bay fishing guides know these waters extremely well and you can just about count on catching fish. Fishing the waters of Biscayne Bay for so many years our guides know all the ins and outs of the Biscayne Bay fishing grounds.

They have learned just about all the feeding habits and tendancies of the most sought after species like tarpon, snook, or trout. Our Biscayne Bay fishing guides will know the tidal forecasts for one thing and how the various tides affect the feeding habits of the species on the catch list. They learn the daily conditions like wind direction, cloud cover, and even lunar projections which can all affect how and when you target a certain species of fish.

Our Biscayne Bay fishing guides are professionals and you have read how they know all the tricks, tactics, and tendencies for catching fishing in Biscayne Bay. But our guides also possess other great qualities that are just as important. They are courteous, friendly, and display an abundant amount of patience which is by far one of the best qualities you could ever hope to find in a Biscayne Bay fishing guide or any fishing guide for that matter.

Even if you aren't an an experienced angler and don't know what to expect on a Biscayne Bay charter fishing trip you need not worry one bit. Captain Lee will make you feel absolutely comfortable and doesn't mind one bit sharing his expertise he has accumulated over his many years of fishing the South Florida regional waters, including all Biscayne Bay fishing grounds.


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Hawg Heaven Guide Service

Hawg Heaven Guide Service

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