Miami peacock bass fishing has developed over the years into quite a little fishing niche for local and visiting anglers alike. In fact peacock bass fishing is the most popular type of fishing in the southeast of Florida. The coastal and urban canals hold an excellent environment for peacock bass. Thousands of anglers each year come to south Florida to catch peacock bass. Since peacock bass can rarely survive water temperatures below 60 degrees they are restricted to living in extreme southern reaches of the United States. They are caught in Hawaii and more notably in West Palm, Miami Dade and Broward counties where they flourish. Florida Wildlife Commission introduced the peacock bass in the Miami area, fresh water lakes back in 1984.


Most fishing guides, including myself do practice catch and release which lets the fish live to fight another day.


The Florida peacock bass fishing state record is 9.08 pounds and 13 of 16 current IGFA records have been caught from Florida waters. Now you understand why south Florida peacock bass fishing is so popular and one of the main reasons so many anglers come down to South Florida to fish.